An informed choice
is a responsible choice

Pregnancy Crisis Centre

Who are we?

Life Link is a non-profit Christian organisation providing positive alternatives to abortion. We have trained counsellors and supervised volunteers.

We have made it our mission to help both teens and adults with crisis pregnancies and to provide the emotional support needed. We offer help to anyone irrespective of her age, status, religion, race or what her circumstances might be. We respect a women's right to choose at all times. All services provided by Life Link are free and confidential.

Life Link was established in 2001 after realization that there was a growing need for a facility where teenagers or women faced with an unwanted pregnancy could go for information and help.

Those who experience their pregnancy as traumatic will panic. They find themselves angry, afraid, depressed and very lonely. We reach out in love and compassion to them. Everyone at Life Link wants to make sure that women facing an unwanted pregnancy, do not make a rushed decision while they are still in shock or panicking.

We provide balanced, non-manipulative information and practical assistance in a friendly and loving environment, which enables the teenager or women to make an informative decision.

We also provide post-abortion counselling. We help those who have undergone the trauma of an abortion or those who have suffered a miscarriage.

We provide…

  • Free Pregnancy testing
  • Clarity on life before birth
  • Pregnancy crisis counselling
  • Pre and Post adoption advise
  • Adoptions
  • Housing for women releasing their babies for adoption (Terms and conditions apply)
  • Post abortion counselling
  • Support for single mothers
  • Friendly and understanding assistance